Gigi Strongly Denies Drug Use

GIGI HADID has taken to online networking to deny all cases that she utilized illicit medications at a Victoria's Secret gathering. The model was seen curving more than a counter in a Snapchat feature posted by her sweetheart, vocalist Cody Simpson, driving tattle site Ocean Up to guess that she was utilizing cocaine. 

"@OCEANUP you are the pits of the world," Hadid tweeted. "It's exceptionally pitiful that you have to go to those lengths for somebody to perhaps read your poo blog. In the event that you really watch the feature there is nothing on the counter 0.5 secs before you see that picture. It's unimaginable as well as crazy to me. I take pride in being a decent good example, would never touch that, and won't remain for, or endure, a little bit of rubbish site like OU." 

"A circumstance looked like and was made into something it wasn't, however I know who I am and what I remain for," Hadid went on. "I lead a sound life. I'm a decent, persevering, mindful individual. In the event that you would prefer not to assume the best about me that is fine, yet I realize that this circumstance won't change my notoriety inside my industry in light of the fact that the individuals that know and work with me realize that the individual some are attempting to make me out to be is NOT who I am, or who I'll ever be. #HugsNotDrugs. Peace and affection. Let each circumstance in life, reasonable or not, make you stronger." 

Hadid's last words on the matter - "On the off chance that you don't have any acquaintance with me or haven't worked with me, listen to the individuals that do and have," - opened the floor to her supporters, and her industry companions have unquestionably turned out by the thousand. 

Victoria's Secret Angel Lily Aldridge tweeted: "@GiGiHadid you're my young lady!!! Also I know how mindful and aware you are!!! #ClassAct," while performing artist Will Poulter included, "Enormous appreciation for @GiGiHadid protecting herself and fearlessly talking up against what is a normally low blow, from a bold media outlet." 

MJ Day - the overseeing proofreader of Sports Illustrated, for which Hadid is a Swimsuit Issue star - additionally included her earnest musings the matter, pronouncing: "@GigiHadid means everything to me. Not just on the grounds that she is a standout amongst the most dedicated, proficient and sweetest individuals I know, however I am constantly astonished by her extraordinary hard working attitude, development and excitement for all that she does. I have ordinarily said on the off chance that I had a little girl I would trust she would end up being the great person Gigi is. I KNOW Gigi and she has never disillusioned me or this establishment. I call horse crap on everything else."
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