Jagger: I Didn't Ride Studio 54 Horse

IT might be a standout amongst the most notable pictures of the Seventies, yet Bianca Jagger has uncovered that the celebrated photo of her obviously touching base on a white steed to Studio 54 isn't all that it appears.

"I might want to set the record straight. Mick Jagger and I strolled into Studio 54," Jagger wrote in a letter to the Financial Times, taking after a meeting that was printed with Barry Diller (Diane von Furstenberg's spouse) in which he attested that Jagger had, actually, landed on the white stead. 

"Steve Rubell (Studio 54's prime supporter) had clearly seen a photo in a magazine of me riding a white stallion in Nicaragua and he thought it would be a shrewd thought to convey a steed to the club as a birthday shock for me. It was a lovely white stallion that helped me to remember mine, and I settled on the stupid choice to get on it for a couple of minutes. The captured picture went far and wide, offering ascent to the tale - that I touched base at Studio 54 on a white steed."

Bianca Jagger on the white horse in Studio 54

Jagger's restored request that she didn't arrive horseback to the well known Seventies foundation is as an aftereffect of her role as a naturalist and every living creature's common sense entitlement campaigner. 

"Most likely you will concur with me that it is one thing to, on the impromptu, get on a steed in a club, yet it is truly another to ride in on one," she proceeded. "I discover the implication that I would ride a steed into a dance club hostile. Ideally this letter will at long last set this Studio 54 tale - out into the wild."
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